Perfect Scarves for Women for A Modest and Elegant Look

A scarf is undoubtedly a powerful and versatile accessory that can be worn and styled in many different ways. A scarf is a great way to add some flare to your winter look and remain warm and cozy as well. Be it funky jersey scarves or modest silk scarves, this garment makes a great fashion statement.

Not only are scarves a piece of fashion accessory but they are also an important part of modest dressing in which women use scarves to cover their heads. Nevertheless, a scarf is a versatile piece of clothing that can be incorporated in both; middle eastern as well as western clothing.


scarf - Perfect Scarves for Women for A Modest and Elegant Look - Perfect Scarves for Women for A Modest and Elegant Look

A scarf comes in a variety of different types of material. From organza to silk, georgette, linen, cotton, wool and chiffon; the list is endless! Today, scarves are commonly worn by Middle Eastern and Asian women. However, the use of scarves was very popular in ancient Romanian culture. Romanians used scarves to protect themselves against hot weather.

Today, both; young girls and women prefer to wear scarves in many different ways to instantly glam up any plain outfit. It can be paired up with an Arabic or Moroccan style kaftan, Abaya or even a mid length Turkish coat for a more simpler and modest look.

A scarf comes in a variety of different sizes and fabric. The overall look and appearance of a scarf depends on its fabric and material used to make it. Whether you want to wear it during winters, summers or all year round; try to check the fabric first and then the color and design of the scarf.

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Following are the details of some fabrics that are commonly used in scarves:


Cotton Scarves

Organic cotton scarves are commonly used for a more casual look during the summer months. Cotton is a breathable fabric and is quite durable and machine washable.

Jersey Scarves

Although, not as light as cotton scarves, jersey scarves are versatile and are mostly worn during fall and winter months. However, many ladies find it easy to wear during summers as well.

A jersey scarf is more stretchable than cotton scarves. Jersey scarves are often designed with embellished sequins, pearls and rhinestones that can be worn for a more semi formal look.

Linen Scarves

Linen scarves keep you cool and comfortable. They can be worn during both; summer as well as winter months.

Wool and Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina and woolen scarves are perfect for winters and can be either worn as a shawl, muffler or a head scarf.

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are most worn for a more formal look. They are mostly embellished with beads and sequins. Since silk scarves are mostly worn in monochrome colors, you can glam up your look even more by accessorizing it with fancy pins and brooches.


A scarf can be easily embellished with sequins, ribbons, tassels and rhinestones. Not only do they keep you warm, but they can also add a splash of color to a plain and simple outfit.

Formal Scarves

Recently, bridal scarves are becoming extremely popular with girls in different countries across the globe. These scarves are heavily embellished with beads and sequins. The fabric of bridal scarves is usually silk, chiffon, satin and organza. They can be worn with or without a kaftan or an abaya.

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How to Style Scarves

scarf - Perfect Scarves for Women for A Modest and Elegant Look - Perfect Scarves for Women for A Modest and Elegant Look

A scarf is something that can be worn all year round and if draped correctly, it can look extremely stylish and elegant. A scarf should be both; practical and stylish.

While buying a scarf especially for covering the head, make sure that the fabric is not too thin or light.

The most popular scarf is probably a rectangular shaped one. A square shaped scarf does not require much draping or folding. It can be secured with a scarf-pin under the chin.

The length of a scarf also depends on the style and design of the scarf. Plain scarves never go out of style, whereas, printed scarves look good with casual outfits.

Be it plain, printed, square or any other type of scarf, choose the right type according to your requirements. Use scarves in silk or cotton in neutral shades for office use and go for vibrant, knitted ones for daily wear. Scarves can complete your look and enhance your ensemble. Scarves are available in a wide range of prints such as checks, cheetah prints, polka dots, florals, geometric and abstract designs. It is all a matter of draping and styling through combinations according to your taste and personality.


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